Admission Policy



Academic policy includes those activities that make a contribution to the nature of a student’s academic experience including:


  • learning, teaching, academic guidance and assessment practices;
  • the deployment of learning resources; and
  • other mechanisms that determine the quality of a student’s engagement with the college, including:
  • student recruitment and admission;
  • progression advice and programme planning;
  • personal development planning;
  • careers advice and guidance;
  • pastoral support;
  • provision of  information; and
  • Student academic appeal, complaint and grievance procedures.

It is the process whereby the College ensures that the quality of the learning opportunities offered to students is at an appropriate level.

It describes the explicit processes put in place to improve the student experience over time. A key element of the process of enhancement is the identification and adoption of good practice. In practice, College academic quality practices and procedures will usually involve elements of both assurance and enhancement.