Corporate Training



Corporate Training Courses

BIC provides corporate training in different areas including IT, Business, Management, Education and Health & Safety to improve employees’ performance and meet business needs fully. All of our corporate training courses are approved by established UK awarding bodies and delivered by qualified and experienced trainers who are very professional and competence in their areas. Any organisations/companies (or individuals) from any countries can choose any of our designed training courses. We can also offer you customised training courses to meet your organisational goals and objectives fully and update knowledge and skills.

BIC provides corporate training courses in the following ways:

(1)Training providing at BIC premises in the UK (where overseas candidates need to apply for visitor visa receiving training offer letter and meeting some requirements)

(2)Training providing online where candidates can do their courses with their own time from anywhere in the world

(3)Training providing at employers’ premises (where BIC trainers will travel to employers’ offices nationally and internationally)

(4)Training providing at any locations (where employers choose a suitable location and BIC trainers deliver training at the location).

Some of BIC’s tailor-made corporate training courses are mentioned below:

101 – Customer Services (any employees from any companies/organisations can join this training course to update their skills and improve performance).

102 – Team Building (supervisors, team leaders and managers from any company can join this training course to improve their team building skills and motivate their fellow employees to achieve certain goals).

103 – Marketing (any personnel who do marketing activities can join this training course to improve their communication, negotiation, convincing and IT skills to market their products/services better).

104 – Digital Marketing through Social Media (this is an advanced level of marketing training course where different social media are used for effective marketing to improve their services)

105 – Strategic Decision Making (this is a managerial training course that helps managers to improve their decision making skills and make better business decisions). 

106 – Teacher Training (General) (any school, college and university teachers can join this training course to improve their teaching, assessment and student support and experience skills).

107 – Teacher Training (Vocational/Technical) (any teachers/lecturers from any vocational/technical institutes can join this course to improve their delivery, assessment, student support/experience and internal quality assurance skills).

108 – Project Management (any personnel who do different types of projects can join this training course to improve their project management skills where project management software/tools such as MS Project, Prince 2 and Basecamp.

109 – Networking (any individual who wish to design computer networks to meet their business goals where Cisco Packet Tracer will be used exclusively).

110 – Network Design and Performance Measurement (this is an advanced level computer networking training course where complex business networks will  be designed and their performance will be used using Open Source – Riverbed Modeler simulation software).     

111 - Leadership and Management (this is a managerial training course where any individuals/employees are able to improve leadership and management skills)

112 - Corporate Social Responsibility (this is a managerial training course where any individual/employees are able to learn corporate social responsibilities for customers, communities, publics and country).

Besides, BIC designs and delivers any bespoke training courses identifying organisations' needs fully to improve their employees' performance and productivity.