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At Britannic International College (BIC), we offer a wide range of short on campus (or at employer's premises) training courses to suit UK and EU businesses including any employers and students. Food Hygiene is one of them.

Level 2 Award in Food Hygiene

This accredited course covers the nationally approved Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering syllabus (also called Level 2 Food Handler) for Catering, Retail and Manufacturing. It includes the following highlights:

  1. Latest food safety Legislation, EHO powers, and Due-Diligence
  2. Pathogenic food poisoning bacteria and the Danger Zone
  3. Food poisoning multiplication, spores, and toxins
  4. How to cook, hot-hold, cool, thaw & reheat food to latest standards
  5. How to interpret and plan for the latest legal guidance on food allergens
  6. Personal Hygiene and approved hand-washing technique
  7. Food Handler’s role in a HACCP system (Food Safety Management System)
  8. The 6 stages of cleaning and threat of eColi 0157 in chiller

This course can be delivered at your premises or at BIC campus depending on your needs. Group discount is available. For more information including price per learner or group you can send us an email to info@britanniccollege.co.uk

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