Information,Advice and Guidance



Information ,Advice and Guidance

IAG Services

The aims of IAG services are to ensure that all students get good cares and supports to minimise or avoid impacts of factors/issues that are associated with learning, improve their study performance, develop their careers and be able to change their lives in a changing and global complex society.

Britannic International College  provides a wide range of services to support your study and achieve your goals, these include:

·         Advise on career guidance

·         Find learning and training that is right for you

·         Improve your English, maths and IT skills

·         Understand the local job market and look for jobs and careers that suit you

·         Find out about funding to support your learning

·         Develop your CV

·         Improve your interview and presentation skills

·         Progress in your current job

·         Find out about the types of disability and childcare support available

·         And many more.


We have Matrix-accredited Information, Advice and Guidance team is here to help you. dedicated IAG staffs, supervised by an experienced Student Support Manager (SSM) to help you and meet your needs. For any IAG services, students are requested to ring college office and make prior appointment. Without prior appointment, you may need to wait for a while and we serve you first come first served basis.

We have excellent students’ satisfaction rate. Recently we have been approved  by Matrix and proved that we provide excellent services to support our all learners.