Student Life at BIC



Student's Life

Students life at BIC

At Britannic International College we intended to make student life enjoyable and you will find activities and opportunities for involvement to help you further your interests and develop your skills outside of the classroom. You will find a network of supportive and caring staff to help you with problems and to ease your transition to the college campus.

We facilitate our students with careers services, counselling, financial planning and advice on relevant issues. College also provides facilities to its staff and students such as photocopier machines, fax, printers, scanners etc.

Information about London life whilst studying at BIC will be provided during the induction period by the relevant staff members. The IAG department will also offer advice for students regarding learning resources to support their studies. Our student  participates in various events held on campus every year and we offer all the essential activities that are associated with traditional student life, supplemented with non-traditional opportunities that add to and accelerate the growth and life experience of our students. Sometimes we also do study tours in the London city and outside London.

Equality and Diversity

Britannic International College is committed to provide a learning, working and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all it s members are respected, and which is free from discrimination, prejudice, intimidation and all forms of harassment including bullying.

Teaching Facilities

All the teachers at BIC are selected on the basis of dedication to students and passion for the subject they teach. They have the qualifications and the experience to ensure that the much specialised needs of International students are met.

As compare to some colleges, BIC guarantees individual attention in small classes to ensure that each student receives the education and support they need. The small classes lend themselves to a dynamic approach to teaching and foster a real sense of community amongst the students.

Class Rooms

All the classrooms and labs are beautifully designed and well equipped with a data projector,

Multimedia projector and are wired for Internet access.

Learning Resources

BIC has an on campus library, supporting all areas of learning and specialising in the latest

computing, information technology, and business texts.

Students can borrow books through our library schemes. Plans are underway to subscribe to

computing and business online databases. Additionally, we have plans to subscribe to an extensive

journal collection in full text as well as access to online journals via Athens (an online journal and

information database for higher education subscribers). Books are available on short term loan

and for reference purposes.

IT Facilities

BIC has IT Lab, with 8 PCs for student use. The lab is primarily for students to carry out research

and study-related tasks, but students can also use them for personal internet and email access.

The PC's are well-equipped with MS Office and other educational and course related softwares.

Printers and photocopiers are also available for student use. A wireless network is also available

for use by both staffs and students.


BIC takes your career very seriously. We start building your career opportunities from day 1. You can have many as you need sessions with our IAG staff (or Student Support Staff) to identify your strengths and weaknesses that you would like to do after your course. Our IAG staff provides a range of services including CV writing according to industry standard to sell you. Our staff would help you to build your personal brand on social media. We encourage our students to be involved in organisation team for industry conferences on various topics and take volunteer role in various finance and investment societies and/or professional bodies to connect with industry professionals. BIC also encourages you to develop your extra curriculum skills such as arranging debates to improve communication skills.